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heylo housing (heylo) is a residential property company with a long term investment strategy to provide affordable housing across the UK

In partnership with a leading Local Authority and backed by significant pension fund investment, the heylo team are in contract with a number of national and regional developers and engaged with Local Authorities to implement heylo's unique suite of housing solutions and drive significant shared ownership affordable housing delivery over the next 3 to 5 years (click here for our news)

heylo is a registered provider with the Homes and Communities Agency working in partnership with national and regional house builders to deliver affordable housing across the country (click here for our Section 106 solutions).

Having already acquired over 1,600 part buy - part rent affordable housing properties, heylo has contracted to deliver 1,000's of part buy - part rent homes over the next 5 years.

heylo is currently active in more than 220 Local Authorities.

Of course, the key protections for customers come from the shared ownership lease itself, which incorporates landlord duties of care and customer protections at law. Additionally, heylo welcomes section 106 agreements that are designed to maintain properties as affordable housing over the very long term or effect identified recycling of customer generated sales receipts into replacement affordable housing through a time based cascade.   

As a private landlord, heylo strives to increase the supply of UK affordable housing and demonstrate consistent, fair, effective and efficient operations delivering high quality outcomes for customers and stakeholders over the very long term.

our housing solutions


heylo housing is committed to working with corporate  clients to make housing affordable, to provide efficient and effective services to customers and to satisfy the very long term investment desires of heylo housing investors.

heylo housing aims to serve the communities in which we operate for generations to come for the mutual and sustainable benefit of our individual customers, corporate clients and institutional investors.

heylo housing has developed housing solutions that help get people on the housing ladder, produce increased value for developers from section 106 properties and release significant capital from existing shared ownership portfolios to fund new delivery (click here for a summary of our Section 106 solutions).

Your Home” Your Home brings the low deposit and affordability benefits of part buy - part rent, which is usually only available on new build properties, to the 1,000's of existing properties for sale with estate agents. 

Home Reach” is a new nationwide part buy - part rent model for developers of new build properties that delivers up to 90% of open market value on shared ownership Section 106 properties and private units.


Home Reach

Home Reach is a new nationwide part buy - part rent model that delivers up to 90 per cent of open market value (OMV) on Section 106 and open market properties.

Home Reach greatly simplifies affordable housing development while enhancing the value of Section 106 properties and leaving the on-site sales process in the house builder’s hands.

House builders also benefit from any house price increases between contract and sale.


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