Heylo continues to grow as Vic O’Brien, former Group Development Director of Greensquare, joins the team

Vic O’Brien, previously Group Development Director of housing association Greensquare, has joined the Heylo Housing (“Heylo”) team to engage with house builders and local authorities to deliver affordable shared ownership homes across the South and South West of England.

Nicholas McAlpine-Lee, CEO of Heylo said “We are delighted to welcome Vic to the team. His development experience and passion for affordable housing delivery will greatly assist Heylo create and build on existing partnerships to drive significant volumes of new affordable housing.”

Vic O’Brien said “I am delighted to join the Heylo team. The contribution Heylo and its products such as Home Reach and Let’s Share can make to affordable housing delivery in the South and South West regions is immense.”

Delivering 80% of open market value on shared ownership Section 106 properties, Home Reach contracts can help developers and local authorities address those all-important viability and affordable hosing delivery challenges.

Heylo’s Let’s Share solution takes the established concept of shared ownership one step further allowing the local authority (or local housing association) to own the share of a property which they can in turn offer to their community for rent – thus maximising the number of properties they can deliver from their investment capital.

Vic O’Brien again “I look forward to meeting local authorities and developers in the near future to build long term relationships and provide contractual solutions to solve the housing needs of local communities and make schemes truly viable with certainty, simplicity and reliability.”

Nicholas McAlpine-Lee again “Over the past 9 months Heylo has signed contracts with a number of leading developers and is keen to do all that it can to deliver affordable shared ownership homes across the country.”

Heylo, is a joint venture with a leading local authority and backed by significant long-term pension fund investment. Having acquired over 600 properties since September 2014, Heylo currently operates in more than 40 local authorities.