'Your Home' is a mortgage-free way to buy a home with as little as 10% cash deposit.

Your Home brings the low deposit and affordability benefits of part buy - part rent, which is usually only available on new build properties, to the 1,000's of existing properties for sale with estate agents. 

Current housing incentives are all geared towards first time buyers and new build property (ultimately to drive the economy) but what about hard working people, with decent incomes and reasonable deposits who aren't first time buyers or don't want a new build house?

Your Home has been created to assist households earning up to £80,000 (£90,000 in London) get on and move up the housing ladder in a property of their choice which is immediately available.

Not only is Your Home a mortgage-free way to buy an existing house with as little as 10% cash deposit but customers are also entitled to at least 75% of any value increase on the share they didn't buy which is additional value that they and their family will be able to access in the future.

For more information please click on the logo below and visit the Your Home microsite