Compensation Policy

1. Purpose

1.1    The policy sets out how heylo housing Group Limited and Heylo Housing Registered Provider (Heylo) will consider financial or other compensation in relation to a customer complaint. 

2. Summary

2.1    This policy covers circumstances when Heylo may provide customers (defined as: applicants, home buyers, shared owners and other residential leaseholders who maintain a contractual relationship with us and receive services from us) with financial compensation because of a financial loss or failure in service delivery. It should be read in conjunction with our Complaints Policy. 

2.2    Ordinarily, compensation and related complaints will be managed by and be the responsibility of Heylo Senior Management Team members

3. Policy

3.1    It is our policy to be fair to customers by making good a loss incurred by them due to a failure in service by Heylo, whilst seeking to keep our overall costs at reasonable levels by avoiding excessive compensation payments. 

3.2    Our compensation policy is intended to:
  • Make good a reasonable and fair loss incurred by a customer.
  • To empower staff to respond to small claims losses efficiently to minimise bureaucracy and any adverse impact on customer satisfaction.
  • Enable our staff to recognise and respond to cases where we have inconvenienced customers and want to make a compensatory gesture in addition to any apology.

4. Procedure

4.1    Financial compensation will normally be paid only in the event of customers suffering actual financial loss and limited to the extent of making good the loss. The following list, which is not exhaustive, provides examples of when compensation might be paid: 
  • Loss of use of facilities to communal areas due to poor quality repairs or services which are the responsibility of us as Landlord.
  • Damage caused to personal possessions by the Landlord or agents or their contractors. 
  • Failure of services subject to our lease administration charges such as mistakes in rent collection actions. 

4.2    We expect customers to advise Heylo or its agents via the Complaints Policy that they want to make a claim for compensation. 

4.3    We will investigate all claims thoroughly and within the set timescales as detailed in the Complaints Policy and advise customers who is or will deal with their claim. 

4.4    If Heylo, the Landlord or its agents are unable to pay compensation, the customer will be advised of the reasons for refusal of their claim. If the customer is unhappy with the decision, this can be pursued through the Complaints Policy. 

4.5    We will not pay compensation when any of the following factors apply: 
  • The Landlord, agent or contractor acted reasonably and complied with its statutory and contractual liabilities. 
  • When the loss or damage has been caused by the customer or a member of their family or visitor. 
  • When contractors cannot gain access or after making reasonable efforts to gain access to a customer’s home or communal area to carry out a repair.
  • When unforeseen work is required, and the customer has been kept informed. (e.g. disruption rather than damage caused)
  • When the loss/damage is caused by another customer or neighbouring occupier (e.g., a leaking washing machine. Loss or damage suffered in instances like this should be sought through customers contents insurance)
  • When the customer has not reported the loss or damage within a reasonable timescale and has not retained damaged items claimed for inspection. 
  • The loss or damage occurred because of an alteration to the property or its facilities which were carried out by the customer, without the permission of the Landlord or completed to the required standard. 
  • The loss or damage has occurred from the act or negligence of a contractor or other third party not acting on behalf of the Landlord. 

5. Potential Insurance claims 

5.1    In all cases Heylo will discuss with customers whether an insurance claim is appropriate. 

5.2    The costs of replacing or repairing damaged personal possessions are normally expected to be met from the customers contents insurance policy. Heylo will not compensate customers for damage caused to personal possessions that are not covered by the customers’ contents insurance policy. 

6. Procedure

6.1    Claims for compensation should be made within 28 days of the date to which the claim relates. Heylo will not normally consider claims which date back earlier than 28 days. Wherever possible, documentation or receipts should be provided in support of the financial sums claimed. 

6.2    Heylo or an agent will respond to your request for compensation within 10 working days. Where compensation is agreed, customers will be informed of how the figure has been decided. 

6.3    If a customer is in arrears with rent or service charge, compensation will be used to offset all or part of the arrears. 

6.4    If customers are dissatisfied with the settlement, they have the right to appeal using our Complaints Policy.

7. Other 

7.1    Heylo will not make payments of compensation for incidents and their consequences when they are beyond its control e.g., if gas or electricity suppliers fails to provide a normal supply, or if the repair is a result of misuse or damage. 

7.2    Heylo will only compensate customers for the replacement value of any personal possessions damaged inadvertently by agents, any employee or contractor. 

7.3    Customers should provide reasonable proof of the damage caused and the replacement value of the items. 

8. Review

8.1    We will review this Policy regularly to address legislative, regulatory, best practice or operational issues. 


Staff are empowered to pay compensation without SMT direction up to a sum of £100. All payments must be recorded in a compensation log which will be reported to SMT monthly and relevant boards quarterly. All sums likely to exceed this offer limit must be discussed with the SMT Head of Service. The SMT Head of Service will confirm consent to the payment following referral to and the agreement of the Chief Risk Officer and/or Chief Operating Officer (COO). 

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 Date Approved23/05/2023

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