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Launched in 2014, Heylo’s long-dated horizon funding model has created one of the largest home ownership programmes in the UK. With over 8,500 Shared Ownership properties, offering a number of different routes to make home ownership possible. Heylo's mission is to provide the highest standards of service for our continually growing pool of new house buyers.

Heylo aim to make housing across the UK more affordable and accessible for aspiring homeowners. The team of housing, development and finance professionals have acquired more than 8,500 Shared Ownership properties throughout the UK, and continue to expand the Shared Ownership housing stock with our ever-evolving pipeline of new developments. 

Heylo operate in over 210 Local Authorities, meaning we are able to offer Shared Ownership opportunities across England.

Heylo are committed to acting with integrity in all our relationships, including those with prospective home buyers, whom we resolve to always treat fairly, as well as regulators and housebuilders. Everything we do is transparent and compliant with our regulatory obligations and Heylo does not dividend from the investment vehicles with the long-dated lenders, instead Heylo invests in more affordable homes opportunities. 

Heylo are always striving to improve our service levels through active listening, so customer satisfaction is our top priority. We achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction through implementing stakeholder feedback into our offering. This is what inspires us to reach our ambitious but achievable goal of becoming the largest and most respected private Shared Ownership landlord in Europe.

Heylo’s mission is simple: we want to help buyers climb - and stay on - the property ladder.

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