Heylo Homeowner Health & Safety

As a Heylo Homeowner you can be assured that any health and safety issues reported to us will be taken extremely seriously. We have a dedicated team in place to deal with any concerns you may have including any reports of damp and mould in your home.

Damp, Condensation & Mould

Damp and condensation can both result in the growth of mould. The majority of cases of mould are caused by condensation when there is an excessive build up of moisture in the air, especially during colder months of the year. Damp may also be caused by water leaks from pipes, clogged gutters or cracks in walls or the roof, or through a faulty or damaged damp course. These causes often leave a ‘tide mark’ whereas condensation does not.


Condensation can form mould patches and these patches generally appear on cold surfaces and in places where there is little movement of air (the moisture in the air forms water droplets on cold surfaces). Look for it in corners and on/or near windows. We would advise that you try and find a balance of heat and ventilation to prevent mould growth in your home. A small amount of fresh air flowing throughout your home can help stop the problem. There are many cleaning products available in shops to assist in cleaning mould away.

Damp & Mould Prevention Inside the Home

Condensation and damp can be reduced or prevented by the following actions:

In the bathroom

  • clean and open trickle vents in windows
  • use the extractor when showering or bathing
  • close the bathroom door when using the room
  • open the windows

In the kitchen

  • clean and open trickle vents
  • use the extractor fan when cooking
  • keep lids on pans
  • close the kitchen door when cooking
  • open the windows

Throughout the home

  • Dry washing outdoors on a line or put it in the bathroom with the door closed and window open or fan on
  • Do not dry wet clothes directly over the radiators
  • Clean and open trickle vents in windows
  • Move furniture away from walls
  • Keep rooms and cupboards clutter free
  • Allow airflow throughout your home
  • Always keep your home warm
  • DO NOT use gas or paraffin heaters as these create too much moisture

Damp & Mould Prevention Exterior Maintenance

If you live in a house condensation and damp can be reduced or prevented by

  • Ensure that gutters and valleys are clear of leaves and other debris
  • Check overflows from toilets and boilers are not running
  • Check drains are flowing correctly and not blocked with leaves, etc

Report a Health and Safety issue

If you have any health and safety issues associated with your Heylo home please contact us using the form below and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.