Customer Complaints

We always try to do our best for our customers but realise that we don’t always get things right.

If you’re unhappy with something we, or someone acting on our behalf has done, or the service you’ve received and would like to make a complaint, our team is here to help. Below we have set out how we manage customer complaints in a timely and fair manner.

In line with the Housing Ombudsman Code, we define a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, actions or lack of action by the organisation, its own staff, or those acting on its behalf, affecting an individual housing applicant, home buying customer, or a resident or group of residents.

Our Complaints Process

heylo has a simple two stage complaints process as follows: 
Stage 1 
1.1 You can make your complaint by completing the above form, telephone or post. We will register your complaint in our Complaints Log and send you an acknowledgement within 2 working days (working days for heylo are Monday to Friday). When raising a complaint, you need to detail what it is you are dissatisfied with and what you want us to do to resolve the complaint. 

1.2 We will investigate your complaint and you will receive a reply within 10 working days. We will inform you of our decision, the reason for reaching that decision and what action will be taken, as necessary. 

1.3 If we cannot respond to your complaint within 10 working days we will explain why and provide a date when you can expect to receive a full response.  This will not usually exceed a further 10 working days without good reason.

1.4 If we receive no further contact within 28 days of our response, we will consider your complaint to be satisfied and take no further action.
Stage 2 
2.1 If, once you have received our Stage 1 response you are still dissatisfied, you can escalate your complaint to Stage 2.  This will be responded to by a senior member of staff.  You will need to detail why you are dissatisfied with our response and explain what it is you want us to do to satisfy your complaint. 

2.2 You will receive an acknowledgement of your Stage 2 complaint within 5 workings days of us receiving notice you remain dissatisfied.

2.3 Within a further 10 workings days of receiving the escalation request we will send you a full response.  If we require additional time to investigate your complaint further, will write to say when you will receive a response.  This will not usually exceed a further 10 working days without good reason. 

2.4 If we receive no further contact within 28 days of our response, we will consider your complaint to be satisfied and take no further action.

Make a Complaint

If you have a problem with your home or any of our services, then in the first instance you should raise this with your usual point of contact within the heylo team.  We will make every endeavour to put the problem right for you. 

If you do not know who to speak to then you can contact our support team via one of the following methods:


Complete the form:


Call us on:


Send written correspondence to:

Further Action

If you are not satisfied with our Stage 2 response you can refer your complaint to The Housing Ombudsman Scheme.

The Housing Ombudsman will usually accept complaints after you have completed the final stage of heylo’s internal Complaints Procedure (Stage 2). After completion of Stage 2 you can refer the complaint to The Housing Ombudsman

The Housing Ombudsman will deal with each complaint to find the best outcome for your individual circumstances. Once they receive your complaint they may:
  • Refer the case to a different organisation if it is an issue they cannot make a decision about because it is not in their jurisdiction.
  • Work with you and your landlord to resolve the dispute under their early resolution procedure. For example, they can use their experience of resolving complaints to make suggestions to the landlord and/or the resident if they believe there is a way to resolve the complaint.
  • Carry out an investigation; they only do this for those complaints where they decide an investigation is proportionate to the circumstances and evidence before them, for example complex complaints involving many issues.
The Housing Ombudsman  can be contacted by:




Housing Ombudsman Service

PO Box 152

Liverpool, L33 7WQ

Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code

The Housing Ombudsman has published a Complaint Handling Code that sets out how landlords should respond effectively and fairly to complaints.

We have aligned our policy and procedure in line with the code. Click the link to read the results of our self assessment:

Our Complaints Policy

Click the link below to read our complains policy