Remortgaging your home

When it comes to the time to remortgage your home, we, as the landlord, will need to provide written consent to both yourself and mortgage lender for your latest offer.

Want to remortgage? What's next?


Step One
​Contact us

Once it is time to remortgage your home and you have received your updated offer from your mortgage lender that you are happy with, contact us with the information and request for approval to remortgage on [email protected].

You will need to supply us with:

  • Redemption statement of your current mortgage
  • Offer details of your new mortgage
  • Completed application form - Download here

You will require our written consent prior to the remortgage being completed. View all information here.


Step Two
Review the costs

As with any legal transaction, there will be costs involved that you must consider before starting the process. 

The costs involved:

  • Your solicitor’s fees if you are changing lender
  • Mortgage broker fees if you are using a mortgage broker
  • Admin fee paid to Heylo = £150 + VAT

Step Three
Approval granted

Once you have provided the required information and we are happy with the remortgage terms, we will provide written consent which your lender will require. From there your lender and solicitor will complete the process.


Step Four
Solicitor for new lender

When the process has been completed by the solicitor of your new lender, they will be required to provide us with a Notice of Charge which we sign and return once you have paid the admin fee.

Guidelines for remortgage approvals

We have standard parameters that we will provide approval to proceed for. However, in the instance that the remortgage is outside of these, we will need to review further. The standard parameters are:

Increase in borrowed amount

Up to 105% of the redemption figure of the current mortgage: 

e.g If the redemption figure on your current mortgage is £100,000 then we will approve additional borrowing up to a total of £105,000

Increase in mortgage term

Maximum of 5 year extension to the original mortgage term remaining:

e.g If the original mortgage was for 35 years and there are 32 years remaining we will approve a new mortgage term up to a maximum of 37 years.

I would like to start the process of remortgaging

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