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Home Reach Flex

It’s all about making your homes more affordable, to more buyers.

Working in partnership with national, regional and local housebuilders to deliver Home Reach Flex, a scheme which allows housebuilders to make existing private home more affordable by enfranchising the market with lower deposit and income requirements. 

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How does it work?

Step One

Working with the Home Reach Flex Partnership and Acquisition teams to identify the sites which would be suitable for Home Reach Flex

Step Two

Enter into an agreement with Heylo to place the sites into the Home Reach Flex scheme

Step Three

Heylo will train, guide and support the sales and marketing teams. Our sales and marketing teams will be on hand throughout the Home Reach Flex journey

Step Four

Heylo markets the homes along side you, so you benefit from an enhanced market position and exposure 

Step Five

Customer reserves a home, using your existing customer journey

Step Six

Progress the sale, in the same way as an open market

Step Seven

On completion, receive 50% of the OMV from the purchaser and 60% of the remaining 50% from Heylo - equivalating to up to 95% of OMV (up to 90% if S106)

Step Eight

Customer moves in and is looked after by the customer care team and NHBC warranty 

Why choose Home Reach

Fully supported by mortgage lenders due to low capital/equity deployment and low default risk 

Increase enquiries, site visitors and additional lead generation for outright sales

Reconnects and re-engages longer running and legacy schemes with the local market 

Supported by the HBF, inclusion of Home Reach in the customer satisfaction surveys towards its members star rating – as housebuilder customer journey remains the same 

Preferred option to underpin sales volume and offset sales risk than a ‘bulk investor deal’ with the additional benefit of having more owners than renters on site

Provides more effective and appealing marketing routes through property portal search engine and visually strong offers for potential buyers through reduced percentage of ownership

Proven to assist buyers to purchase and trade up to the right size home, that fits and accommodates their family’s need

Provides additionality by widening your customer base, including access to supplementary markets such as rental sector and cash purchasers 

Less upfront purchase costs for customers including Stamp Duty and reduced deposits easing entry into home ownership

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