Where to find cost of living advice

At heylo, we are aware of the concerns of our customers around the rise in cost of living. We do not want you sat at home worried about your rent and bills, which is why we have created this page with links to advice bureaus and more.

If you are apprehensive around maintaining regular payments for your living costs during this time, we would strongly recommend reaching out to any of the advice services listed below or seeking advice from an Independent Financial Advisor. 

If you would like to talk to us, we have set up a dedicated hotline, straight into our property management team who are here to discuss your concerns around rental payments and offer you further information on advice centres to reach out to.

Reach out to our dedicated hotline today

Independent Financial Advice and Support

Citizens Advice Bureau

National Debt Line

Money Advice Service

Step Change Debt Charity

Turn To Us

Money Helper

Energy and Bills Advice and Support

Energy Saving Trust

Help With Energy Bills - Help for Households

Energy Saving Advice - Help For Households

Childcare Costs Advice and Support

Family Support - Help For Households

Find Cost Of Living Support In Your Local Area

Find Your Local Council

Further Advice and Support

Household Costs - Help for Households

Universal Credit & Benefit Eligibility Calculator

Income and Expenditure Budgeting 


For more information:

Cost of Living – Rent Review

Your rent is set by the terms of your lease, which is a contractual agreement between yourself and heylo when you purchased your share in your home. It is due each month on the share of your home that you do not own. 


As per the terms of your lease, your rent increases each year, normally in line with the RPI measure of inflation and we have sent you a letter with the details of the changes to your rent so that you can update any standing order details (if you pay by Direct Debit, then you donot need to make any changes, we will do this).


You will receive a letter confirming the rent that you will be charged for the next 12 months. Should you have any questions about the rent review, click here for our FAQs.

Dated published: 1st March 2023