HHGL Board Member

Giles Mackay


Giles Mackay is heylo’s main founder. He established the business in 2017 and now sits on the boards for HHGL.

Giles started his career in the structured finance sector, before moving onto a series of entrepreneurial endeavours in the property and housing sectors; he has established 13 businesses since his career began.

In 1999, Giles founded market intelligence and valuations provider Hometrack, one of the first Proptech businesses and a revolutionary in the UK property valuation industry. Hometrack was sold to Zoopla in 2017. Other ventures include AI firm Outra, established in 2017, which identifies consumer patterns to connect brands with digital marketplaces.

In 2022, Giles launched iBuying business Upstix and looking ahead Giles will be launching a single-family home PRS brand.