Neighbourhood Watch - A great way to connect with your local community

29.11.23 03:00 PM By The Heylo Team

With longer nights drawing in, we naturally begin to think more about the security of our home and local community.

One easy (and free!) way to bolster security in your home and feel connected to your neighbours is to get involved, or start, a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. 

What is the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme?

Neighbourhood Watch is a grassroots charitable movement.  It has over 2.3 million members across 93,000 groups across England and Wales. It’s run by volunteers, all working to ensure people feel safe and better connected through a number of ways, including: 
  • Distributing window stickers and installing signs within local communities that act as a deterrent to criminals. 
  • Supporting the local community by setting up community WhatsApp groups and attending local events.
  • Supporting local police in in their work to with local communities.

Does it work?

In short – yes!

In Neighbourhood Watch’s’ Insights Survey 2023, over half of the 20,000 respondents strongly agreed that the Neighbourhood Watch scheme provides the first-step for neighbours to connect with each other and get involved in local community groups.

Also, a huge 67% of members say they hardly ever felt isolated or lonely, provingit’s  a great way to meet your neighbours.

How to get involved.

If your local community is yet to join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, then why not start one?  For more information on how to do this head to:

The Heylo Team