New Homes Ombudsman

19.12.23 03:53 PM By The Heylo Team

The New Homes Ombudsman Service (NHOS) exists to help customers resolve issues with their new homes, which the Registered Developer has been unable or unwilling to fix. 

The NHOS covers the whole period from the Reservation and Legal Completion of a property through to after-sales and complaints management for issues during the first two years of a new home purchase. 

The primary purpose of NHOS is to provide a free and independent service to customers, who can impartially assess and adjudicate on issues that have arisen and fall within the Ombudsman’s scope. This includes complaints around the Reservation, Legal Completion and complaints management processes, or issues or non-major defects that have occurred at or after moving into the home. 

Further details about their services can be found at

The Heylo Team