Your Home Resales FAQs

How do I sell my property?

  1. Contact Heylo at [email protected] and tell them you wish to sell your property that you originally purchased via the Your Home Scheme they will email you with instructions and ask you to fill out a Resales Form.
  2. Obtain a RICS Valuation 
  3. Instruct a local agent that you believe is best places to sell your property (at or above the RICS Valuation). 
  4. Return the Resales Form along with the RICS Valuation 
  5. The agent markets your property at 100% Freehold (not as a shared ownership) and you allow the viewings to take place. 
  6. You can agree the best offer (as long as it is at or above RICS valuation) and update Heylo. 
  7. Your estate agent will send us a memorandum of sale and we can then instruct our solicitors and you instruct yours. 

How do I get a RICS valuation?

You can find a local surveyor by inputting your postcode into the RICS website here.

How much can I sell my property for??

You can market your property at any value that the estate agent believes to be sensible in order to get your sale. As long as the agreed offer is at or above the RICS valuation.

How much will it cost to sell my property?

You are responsible for the cost of the RICS valuation. You are also responsible for covering your estate agent and your solicitor's fees. In addition, Heylo charge an administrative fee of £540 (inc. VAT) which will be deducted at completion.

How do I work out the discounted value?

With Your Home you are entitled to a discounted value.  Please check your original lease for the percentage.If, for example it was 50%, then you are entitled to a 50% share of any value increase on your unpurchased share. Once you return your Resales Form and we know the agreed offer price, the Resales team will be able to give you the figures that you will receive at completion based on the Your Home calculator. 

How do I find a solicitor?

We strongly suggest you work with a solicitor who has worked with Shared Ownership before. Heylo can send you a list of potential solicitors that have this experience.   

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