What are the steps to selling your Your Home property?

Step One
Contact heylo:

Inform us of your wish to sell. heylo will send you the next steps.

Step Two
​Obtain Valuation:

Contact a registered RICS surveyor to order a valuation of your property. This can be a basic open market valuation report that you must send onto us: [email protected]

Step Three
Instruct your Estate Agent:

We will recommend price, which must be at or above the RICS value, and start marketing. Send the property listing to us: [email protected]

Step Four
Update heylo:

Send your Resales Form and your RICS valuation to our resales team: [email protected]

Step Five

Allow viewings to take place of your home, ensure that the agent knows the seller is heylo housing and the property is sold 100% freehold.

Step Six
Agree an offer:

Update our resales team who will contact your Estate Agent. Request the agents send the MOS to heylo.

Step Seven
heylo to contact
your Estate Agent:

Inform them that heylo is the seller and inform them of our, heylo’s, solicitors.

Step Eight
Instruct Solicitors:

We can give you a list of preferred solicitors who have experience of shared ownership.

Step Nine

Our solicitors will liaise with the buyer’s solicitor.

Step Ten