heylo is here to help

As the impact of COVID-19 is felt across the UK, we have put in place additional support and information for our customers. heylo housing is here to help.

Your peace of mind remains our top priority.  If you have concerns about coping in your home, especially if you are required to or choose to self-isolate, please contact us or the managing agent for your housing development that supply the services and service charges. We are not in direct control of all of these services but we may be able to use our influence and lease powers as a landlord. 

If your income has been affected by the disruption and you think you may face problems with paying your rent or other lease charges, please get in touch with us. We can discuss the rescheduling of payments. We will do what we can to help you or advise how you may be able to get help from specialist advice agencies.

However, here are some things worth bearing in mind:

  • Please always pay what you can to keep up with payments or any arrears. Rent and mortgage payments are a priority debt and your mortgage lender will no doubt be in touch with you soon or will have notified you of the support and advice they can offer. We will always work with mortgage lenders, where relevant.

  • You may be entitled to housing benefit to cover some of the rent, especially if your income has decreased. Keep your recent rent review letter handy as this should have all of the details you need to make a claim.  If you need another copy of the rent review letter, please contact us.

  • If you are struggling, we do not currently charge and are not proposing to charge late payment fees or interest.

The well being of our customers and stakeholders is of the upmost importance to us and our main priority at heylo housing. We have made arrangements to allow us to continue to serve our customers and stakeholders.

We are following the latest Government and Public Health England guidance and monitoring the situation carefully. We will be here for you.

Our business continuity measures have included:

  • Providing remote-working capabilities for all employees, making sure we are well placed to continue to deliver the best possible service in the circumstances
  • Confirming with our critical suppliers their ability to maintain continuous service despite the challenges emerging
  • Where possible encouraging employees, clients and contractors to hold video conferences or conference calls in place of face to face meeting
  • Where staff members or their close relations are suffering symptoms described in the latest NHS guidance, we are requiring them to stay at home
  • All visitors to our offices are asked to wash their hands-on arrival before going into meetings rooms. We have provided hand sanitisers, extra wipes, tissues and paper towels encouraging their use throughout the office

In this evolving situation, we will keep you updated of any changes and will contact you personally if any adjustments need to be made to timings of the delivery of any work or to any specific meetings/events that you are expecting to attend.

To find out more about the ways we can communicate with you remotely and if you have any further questions, please contact your key contact at heylo housing.

For more information:


Some useful places for advice are listed below:

StepChange Debt Charity
0800 138 1111 
    National Debtline 
    0808 8080 4000

      Citizens Advice

      0345 404 0506


        Christians Against Poverty

        01274 760 720